Construction of a dynamic website

Construction of a dynamic website


001 Website Development-Construction

We provide website design, development, construction and technical support services, tailor-made to effectively address your specific business needs and policy objectives.
We create dynamic user friendly websites and portals to promote your activities, exhibit your products, facilitate orders and deliveries, enhance B2B and B2C interaction, monitor commercial activities and process useful data.creativeStudio copy
Websites are designed in compliance with current standard protocols to allow for use by mobile devices, considering latest artistic trends and developed in close cooperation with the client in order to clarify specified needs, requirements and expectations.

02 Web Hosting / Domain Names Registration

Hellas Media Services Ltd offers secure and reliable webhosting services, assuring speed, functionality and operational availability at a reduced cost. HM dedicated servers are located in state of the art premises conforming with applicable
requirements regarding environmental conditions and security/safety provisions.
Hellas Media Services Ltd facilitates secure domain name registration and management.

e shop03 Construction and management of e-shops

Hellas Media Services Ltd takes up the task of designing and constructing the user friendly attractive e-shop that best suits your needs and strategic choices.
Related services include product categorization, secure multiple navigation, payment and delivery methods, along with commercially interesting data collection that allows for useful business processing, thus further allowing for
required sales policy revision and timely adjustment to ever changing market needs.

04 Services SEO & Inbound Marketing

Turn your webpage into the most useful and cost effective marketing and business promotion tool through innovative Inbound Marketing services. Leave behind conventional marketing methods, overtake competition and revise your
marketing strategy in the most simple and direct manner possible. SEO, blogs, podcasts, videos, social media marketing and other forms of Inbound & Content Marketing services, dynamically promote your webpage on all of the web search engines, thus drastically increasing visit rates from your pbl niche target group.

05 Consultancy

The essential aim for any business, when developing a website, is to fully exploit its potential for reaching the established policy goals. For such an effective website, a preliminary appropriate analysis is required in order
to identify the specific site content adjustments necessary to tackle your unique needs and expectations.

inbound marketing graphic

Your web site is literally your window to the world. It is an image of your company, reflecting your business culture, your vision and stated policies, while conveying any message you wish to relate to the general public and to specific target groups of potential customers.
Therefore security, operability, availability, presentation techniques, functionality, creativity, artistic approach, metadata gathering and processing, are all equally important parameters in developing a most efficient and productive webpage - thus requiring for an equally important assessment prior to constructing the site – which helps you open your own clear path within the organized chaos of the world wide web.

06 Newsletter Applications

Promoting your activities through an informative electronic newsletter is a very cost effective way to reach existing, as well as potential customers, while establishing a steady communication link with all interested parties. Disseminating the right information to a targeted audience allows you to maintain contact, raise awareness and spread your message.
It is a direct, quick and environmentally friendly way to reach your client base, to provide useful information, to promote special offers and to communicate social responsibility actions or any other views and activities.


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