Our Company

Our Company


Hellas Media Services Ltd, was founded in November 2015 and it is the only media company in Paralimni, Cyprus with an international character and a multinational team. Its mission is multifaceted: cover international news and current events through all possible media ( online, print, 24/7 television and radio ), offer advertising and production services, provide a full range e-shop, facilitate the public with a multilingual telephone directory.


Full coverage of news, national and international events, in digital, print and audiovisual format
Electronic shop with grand variety of products
• Telephone directory in ten languages
Advertising and promotion solutions in digital, print and audiovisual format
Production of training videos, interviews, promotional material and graphics-animations
• Creation of dynamic websites
• Development of smart applications

Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, Hellas Media Services Ltd offers quality printing and publishing services to satisfy the different needs of our clients. The company constantly updates its technology and equipment to improve productivity and quality. In addition, it employs modern management techniques to improve its services and other corporate management practices.

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