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The Diplomat

diplomatia logo NEWThe Diplomat” is an online bilingual (Greek-English) News and Current affairs magazine, addressing issues concerned with the Diplomatic Corps, in Greece and Europe, with particular focus on Balkans.

The Diplomat contains in-depth analysis and expert commentary on current issues in Greece, Europe and around the world. Prominent local and foreign influential experts, opinion-makers, academics and policy-makers provide strategic analysis of regional issues.

The Diplomat is committed to providing expert coverage and updates on:

• Geopolitical trends throughout the Euro-Balkan region and Middle East.
• Conferences, special events and Seminars organized by Foreign Missions and Embassies
• Defense, Intelligence, Security, Terrorism and Counterterrorism issues
• Energy and Environment affairs
• Diversity, Social trends and popular Culture

The Diplomat is a unique and indispensable tool for professionals within the Diplomatic Corps as well as for academics, policy and opinion makers, providing prompt and accurate analysis.